Louisiana's 57th Governor was sworn in during his inaugural on Sunday, January 7, and his term, which officially began at noon on Monday is already off the a big start. The new Governor wasted no time getting to work.

On his first day in office, Gov. Landry signed two executive orders. A judge has given Louisiana legislators until Jan. 30 to redraw new districts that represent the state's Black voters, who make up more than one-third of the population.

According to WBRZ-2 Baton Rouge, Gov. Landry called a special session on the redistricting of the new congressional Republican-drawn voting map, setting aside Jan. 15-23 as the timeframe for lawmakers to redraw more inclusive boundaries. For more info about the dispute over the redistricting voting map click, HERE.

Meanwhile, on Monday Gov. Landry also reversed an appeals process that would provide a pathway for high school seniors to still graduate if they fail the LEAP test. Former Gov. John Bel Edwards' had previously approved this decision according to news reports this mainly affected students whose primary language isn't English.

Gov. Landry ended the appeal citing that seniors need to do a better job at being "prepared for post-secondary education and the workforce by meeting minimum standards of proficiency in core subjects." Do you agree or disagree with Landy's first decisions or not? Let us know what you think.

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