Love & Hip Hop Atlanta kicks off this week with Tommie and Tiarra continuing to bicker with Scrapp after his ploy to keep his relationship ongoing with both women didn't go over so well. Tommie says that she's through with Scrapp, and Tiarra vows that Scrapp will never be around their son King if he continues his womanizing man.

Jessica Dyme and Mimi Faust catch up over drinks at a local bar. Jessica downtalks Joseline, proving that she's still harboring bad blood against her former associate. But Mimi's mood changes when Tiarra, whom Jessica secretly invited to the powow, walks in and joins them. Tiarra asks Mimi for forgiveness for ruining her party by fighting Tommie and having her walk into an ambush. Mimi accepts Tiarra's apology and says that she can relate due to her own dealing with Joseline and Stevie J in the past. Dyme suggests that Tiarra make an effort to talk to KK King and make amends for their sake of her son.

Tiarra meets with Scrapp to discuss the beef between her and his mother, KK King. Scrapp is skeptical about them being able to bury the hatchet, but is willing to try for the sake of his son.

Scrapp meets up with his mother, KK King, to attempt to get her to make amends with Tiarra. After explaining Tiarra's position and her threat to keep their son away from Scrapp, KK. King is less than enthused about Scrapp's proposed peace treaty and is upset about Tiarra's ultimatum, leading her to emphatically refuse her son's request.

Joseline makes her grand entrance on this season by getting spoiled by Stevie J at a jewelry store. She says that she has dirt on KK King, Stevie J, and many of her other rivals and plans to spill all of the tea at the release party for her new music video and make her stay in ATL one for the ages.

Joseline meets with Tommie to catch up with her old friend. Tommie reveals that Jessica Dyme and Karlie Redd were throwing dirt on Joseline's name, but the news isn't at all surprising to Joseline. Joseline then drops info that Scrapp has another baby mother besides Tiarra that no one knows about, which gives Tommie an ace up her sleeve for safe-keeping in her war with Tiarra until the time is right.

Rasheeda is hard at work at her store Pressed, and is going over the ground rules with her two employees, her mother, and Kirk's daughter Kelsey. Chiding them for eating on the showroom floor among other violations, she makes it a point to scrutinize Kelsey for her lackadaisical ways and lack of work ethic. Kelsey, who clearly has a disdain for work and is interested in pursuing a rap career, asks Kirk to pay more attention to her aspirations. Not wanting to come across as being unsupportive, he invites Kelsey to perform at an upcoming showcase he's throwing for new artists as a chance to prove her worth as a rapper.

Scrappy is on the set of the first photo shoot for his GrustleGirl modeling agency and looks to be excited about taking the next step in his venture. Rasheeda, who was upset about Kirk sticking his nose in her business, decides to show up to and explain her side of the issue and why she wasn't able to come through for Scrappy. In an attempt to make things right, Rasheeda invites Scrappy to Kirk's showcase so that they can break the ice between the two former homies and thinks that Kirk will be cordial and there will be minimal drama.

Karlie Redd takes a trip back to L.A. to check on her shop and takes the opportunity to appear in Playboy. Her relationship with R&B singer Lyfe Jennings is flourishing and he makes it a priority to show up to the photo shoot to support her. Lyfe urges her to stay on the right path and continue to grow, and both love-birds look to be forming a bond that could be a lasting one

Karlie Redd meets up with K. Michelle, who is back in L.A., and the two catch up on their recent happenings. K. Michelle takes a shot at Rasheeda, pegging her as a witch and disingenuous. When Karlie informs her of Mimi's new lesbian lover, K. Michelle pegs Mimi as thirsty and desperate, showing that all love is lost between K. Michelle and many of her classmates. Karlie Redd becomes upset when talking about Joseline hanging up on her and all-around betrayal, but K. Michelle suggests that she just give Joseline some time and maybe she'll be ready to reconcile at a later date.

Joseline arranges a meeting with Karlie Redd, who thinks that Joseline is planning to attempt to make peace for her previous actions. Joseline invites Karlie Redd to her video shoot and things are going smooth until Karlie voices her feelings about Joseline having turned her back on her. She also says that she defends Joseline around others and that she knows that Karlie Redd talks about her behind her back. Joseline then reveals that she's dug up information on Karlie Redd and that she should tread lightly if she doesn't want the info to get spread on the blogs. Karlie claims that she has nothing to hide, but Joseline appears to be sure of herself and her sources, ending this episode of Love & Hip Hop on a suspenseful note.

Check out clips from the episode below.

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