Tonight is the night! Let's geaux Tigers! Louisiana State University fans across the globe are pulling for the mighty Tigers to win the College Men's Baseball World Series. The excitement is in anticipation of tonight's final game of the season at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha, Nebraska.

Just steps away from the stadium is family-owned and operated Rocco’s Pizza & Cantina. Kevin and Bonnie Culjat are co-owners of the restaurant best known for its buffalo chicken pizza, nachos, Bloody Marys,  Miller Lite, and Jell-O shots.

In 2019, Rocco's started the Jell-O Shot Challenge to raise money for the local food bank. Using a whiteboard, they track the number of shots bought by each team's competing fanbase. In 1st place was Wake Forest with 7,622 Rally Shots. Louisiana Injury Attorneys Gordon McKernan came in clutch to put the Tigers in the lead saying, "Records are meant to be broken, especially those that support charity!" In 1st place was Wake Forest with 7,622

With that said, McKernan bought 8,888 Rally Shots for all the Tiger fans in the room! Peep the receipt below and see how LSU fans are crushing the completion. The Louisiana attorney, well known for his charity work, spent more than 40K on Tiger fans. One day ago, LSU was well on the way to passing  50K Rally Shots!

Is this not insane? A day ago, LSU was well on the way to 50K! Join us as well as support our LSU Tigers! Watch the World Series Championship game live on ESPN,, 98.1 FM (, and For more ways to watch Game #3 tonight, click here.

Thanks to LSU fans, Rocco's probably made more money in the last two days than in the last two years. At the same time, I'm sure waiting on so many loyal Tiger fans hasn't been easy. Tonight is the last call for World Series jello shots. This Facebook post says it all!


Just think, tonight is probably going to be even busier! Shoot's out to the staff at Rocco's for hanging in there! They probably will be looking forward to a long break after tonight. In Game #1, the Tiger's Ty Floyd set the record for the most strikeouts in a nine-inning game at the Men's College World Series. Which, by the way. It went 11 innings, and #5 LSU clinched the win and defeated #1 Florida.

The Florida Gators closed out Game #2 of the Men's College World Series Finals with a big win. The Gators made MCWS History by defeating the LSU Tigers with the most runs, 24-4. Meanwhile, it's all about Game #3! Tiger fans around the globe are getting set for the final game of the season tonight and a showdown for the 2023 NCAA College Baseball World Series title. Below is a brief look at how the two teams fought to the finals.

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