If you are going to LSU this fall, then you will need to show either proof of vaccination against COVID-19, or you will have to show proof of a COVID-19 test. If you have not been vaccinated, then you will be required to have a COVID test once a month.

This information was sent out to families of LSU students today. According to the released information, officials took the advice in developing their plan from LSU's Health and Medical Advisory Panel. They say they listened to the concerns of everyone that will be impacted this fall including faculty, staff, and students.

In addition to the new requirements about COVID-19, LSU will adopt the mask mandate policy set forth by Governor John Bel Edwards when it comes to being inside of public facilities. They have also decided that students will need to wear a mask when they come within fifty feet of the entrance to a building.

LSU President William F. Tate IV sent out today's letter to the family of students. In that letter, he is urging everyone to get the vaccine. He added that the situation could be fluid as things may change, but basically, they have adopted a policy for moving forward this way. If things change, the policy will change.

According to the LSU Manship School of Communications, around thirty percent of students that attend LSU have reported that they are vaccinated.

One professor, Meredith Veldman, worries about social distancing, and whether or not there should be more restrictions. She worries they will get students in a classroom, then because of a surge, have to shift to hybrid instruction.

It takes an enormous amount of time and energy and thought to shift a course from in-person to hybrid to remote. We can't just do it overnight ( and then shift back again two weeks later).

She wonders if the school is following all of the CDC's guidelines in reference to this matter.


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