Miami legend and one of the main reasons why artist have the freedom of speech when it comes to music is back. Luke wears the crown when it comes to the Miami bass sound and from artist like 2 Live Crew, Pitbull, Trick Daddy, Shy D and more is back.

Luke is the creator of some of the freakiest music known to man and stood on it when the Government was trying to take away his rights to release music that had the clubs rocking. He is also the man in Miami who has worked with his own football league the Liberty City Warriors and he is known for speaking out and endorsing politicians and speaking on whats right.

Now he returns with one that is going to be in the clubs for years to come. The new video and single dropped today called "Bad Girl Walk" and from the look of the video and music. I think it's safe to say that he is officially back and surprisingly enough, he released the clean version of the video aside from the beautiful ladies and surprise appearances.

Luke- "Bad Girl":

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