Macklemore made waves when he dropped the song "Drug Dealer" two weeks ago and today (Oct. 25) the self-deprecating recovering addict shares the visual treatment. Shared via Ryan Lewis' YouTube account, the Jason Koenig-directed video finds the Seattle rapper dealing with major withdrawals. While singer Ariana Deboo sings the angelic hook, Macklemore paints a vivid picture of an addict's struggles even after they've decided to kick their vices. There are scenes where Mack is breaking out into a cold sweat, throwing up and collapsing in the shower. He makes reference to plenty of his famous comrades (Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and more) who've lost their lives because of prescription drug addictions and contemplates throwing away all the progress he's made.

"I wanna forge a prescription, cause doctor I need some more of it/When Morphine and heroine is more your budget/I said I'd never use a needle, but sure, fuck it/I'm caught up, I'm on one, I'm nauseous/No options, exhausted/This is not what I started/Walking carcass, I lost everything I wanted/My blinds drawn, too gone to leave this apartment," spits Mack in the second verse.

The video ends on an optimistic note with Macklemore in an AA meeting, hugging his fellow meeting members. If the Shark Face gang leader plays a convincing former addict it's because he's really been through the trenches. Macklemore was addicted to opiods during the beginning of his rap career and has discussed in heavily in his music over the years. The former XXL Freshman recently teamed up with MTV to put out an hour-long documentary called Prescription For Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis earlier this month. Part of the film was shot back in May when Macklemore joined President Obama for one of the president’s weekly addresses.

Check out the powerful video for "Drug Dealer" above.

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