On the website Reddit, I recently came across a post from a user known as GuyWhoLikesBurritos. Despite the fact that his user name seems to suggest he might be from “south of the border” the fact is he is from north of the border. In fact, way north of the border. According to his post, he is from Finland and is an amateur screenwriter.

GuyWhoLikesBurritos asked other Redditors on the site to describe their small-town Louisiana experiences so that he might “get some inspiration” for his project. Needless to say, a state filled with small towns and small-town residents had plenty of feedback.

Bjorn Pierre via Unsplash.com
Bjorn Pierre via Unsplash.com

While I can only speculate on the kind of feedback our Finnish screenwriter friend may have been looking for, I can tell you by the comments, he got a lot of honesty. Based on those comments I can only conclude that there are many places in our state where the phrase, “Where Charm Meets Neglect” could apply.

Here are some of my favorite comments. Some of them are so pointed they could draw blood. But I do applaud the commentator's honesty. I guess if our screenwriter friend wants to create an authentic story based on the Louisiana lifestyle, he might consider working in a few of these comments or at least the concepts described if he’s truly looking to portray an accurate picture.

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