UPDATE (April 4): A day after having his house raided for his alleged involvement in both human trafficking and trafficking exotic animals, Mally Mall has been hit with a civil lawsuit filed by three Nevada prostitutes.

According to a story TMZ published today (April 4), the three sex workers are accusing the Love & Hip-Hop star of running a major sex/human trafficking ring in Las Vegas. They are asking a judge to make the State’s prostitution laws unconstitutional because it violates the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery.

In the suit, one woman describes her horrifying ordeal while being employed by Mall’s alleged escort company VIP Entertainment. She claims Mall used “methods of fraud” to lure other women into working for him and alleges that she was “forced” to perform oral sex on him.

In that same lawsuit, the woman also claims that she had to give 30 percent of her earnings to Mall but eventually it rose up to 100 percent. In addition, she alleges that she was trafficked across states lines for sex in cities like Chicago and Boston and was only given a stipend for food and a hotel.

Mally Mall's attorney, Steve Sadow, told TMZ that the women's lawsuit is frivolous. "This is simply a nonsense lawsuit, and as such, the allegations against Mally Mall are not deserving of further comment,” he said.

UPDATE: At 10:45 a.m. PST today (April 3), TMZ reported that LAPD officers arrested Mally and an unspecified amount of his associates. Mally denies he was arrested.


Police apparently raided producer Mally Mall's house early on Wednesday morning (April 3).

According to a report from ABC 7, law enforcement gathered outside of the former Love & Hip-Hop star's home in the San Fernando Valley before the sun was even out and moved in with a search warrant while "heavily" armed. Mally Mall was said to be at home at the time.

ABC reports that members of the Los Angeles Police Department's robbery-homicide division and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife got a search warrant for Mall's place as a part of an investigation for both human trafficking and the trafficking of exotic animals.

This is not the first time Mall's faced either allegation, as his Las Vegas home was raided as part of a federal human trafficking investigation in 2014 and the Health Department previously launched an investigation when he brought a monkey to a popular L.A. strip club.

According to TMZ, Patrick Foy of the California Dept of Fish & Wildlife confirmed that cops seized a Cotton-top Tamarin monkey from Mally's home. According to Foy, the investigation began when they started getting tips about photos of Mally with the monkey as he was posting the animal on his social media while hanging out with Swae Lee eight-to-nine months ago.

The "Physical" producer has been known for his collection of exotic pets over the years and is even the person responsible for gifting French Montana with his beloved pet monkey, Julius Ceasor. He also gave both a monkey and an ocelot to Justin Bieber.

More than eight patrol cars and at least one armored van were present for the raid, according to TMZ. The search warrant was served by LAPD's Robbery/Homicide division, in conjunction with CA Fish & Wildlife. As of press time, no reports of an arrest have been made.

You can check out video of the arrest below, as well as an aerial view of the raid and Mally's previous post with Swae and the Tamarin monkey.

XXL has reached out to Mally Mall for comment.

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