I thought I heard it all, but obviously I haven't.  Stevie Wonder was the victim of an incest extortion plot recently. 


Some guy came out of no where and for some reason, picked Stevie Wonder as the victim of his elaborate scheme.  The man tried to extort $5 million dollars from Stevie before he got himself busted.  Don't worry I got all the details.  scroll down to hear Tha Wire.


Meanwhile, I got more details on the William Balfour trial and why prosecutors believe he committed the horrible murders of Jennifer Hudson's family.  Also, Lil Boosie was vindicated in his murder trial were he was accused of hiring a hit man to commit murder.  Though he was found not guilty, he wont be free anytime soon.  Find out why now.

Meanwhile, Coolio can't seem to catch a break.  The Vegas police have been on him like white on rice all year.  Two months ago he was arrested on traffic violations and now he's got even more issues.  Get the low down on what happened with Tha Wire now.  Press play: 



Beyonce is being sued by video game bosses at Gate Five, whom allege that she had inadvertently put 70 staff members out of work after "abruptly abandoning" her plans to release "Starpower: Beyonce" the video game.  Back in December of 2010, Beyonce allegedly pulled out of a deal with Gate Five, just three days before executives were due to rap-up negotiations with investors.

The company is seeking some big dough too, $6.7 million to be exact to recoup the funds they say they originally invested in the project.  Plus, more than $100 million in profits they claim the game would have pulled in.  It's gonna be a up hill battle, but a judge has signaled that Beyonce has every reason to take this seriously.  As a matter of fact the judge told her legal time, " You continue to negotiate right up until the time you pull the plug.  That is not going to work with me."

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