We have so much to deal with as a race at this very moment. We have Black men killing one another over streets, drugs, and even lesser things. We have Black men and women who are murdered at the hands of policemen. The last thing we need is for our Black men to be physically assaulting our beautiful Black women. This disturbing video came across social media, and I could not believe what I was seeing. This dude - and that's being nice - hit this young lady with a skateboard.

I could not believe what I was seeing. To make matters worse, his crew was cheering him on as if he was doing the right thing. I don't know all of the circumstances, but seeing the video is telling enough. Whether she denied his advances or whatever the case might have been, this is not the correct way to handle this situation and he needs to be charged with no bail option, in my opinion.

Watch the disgusting video below. This is just truly sad.

While there is no positive to this sickening video, if there is any good to this, it's the fact that the video was filmed and, as you can see, someone recognized who it was and hopefully this leads to an arrest.

This is not how we treat our women. This is a time for a unified front. We have to lead by example to our young men and women. Somewhere along the way, this brother was lost and if he thinks that this is the way to treat women, he has it mistakenly wrong and needs to be held accountable for these actions. We are supposed to be protectors and providers, and regardless of how you feel or how upset you get, this is not the way to do it. And if something like this happens, as my mom would say, they need to throw the book at him and his crew as accessories to what I would actually call a hate crime.

We have to do better people. This is not the way.

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