We wish all internet fight videos would end like this.

Actually, we wish there was no such thing as fight videos but while we know that isn't the case, one video in particular is making its rounds on the web for the all the right reasons.

A man was able to stop a fight between two young boys using nothing but wise words, respect and logic.

UPDATE: The man who stopped the fight has been identified as Ibn Ali Miller of Atlantic City. Check out what he had to say about the video going viral here.

He literally walked up on the two boys who were tussling and throwing fists and interrupted their blows to criticize those who were hyping the two up to brawl while they captured the fight on their cell phones.

The man called those onlookers the real "cowards," pointing out how they only wanted to see them divided for their own personal entertainment. The man also refused to leave until the boys shook hands and called off the fight.

Earlier this month a local teenager broke up a fight between schoolmates and received similar praise for his decision to take action against the violence rather than filming the fight or, even worse, doing nothing.

I also totally understand that people choose to not get in between people who are fighting out of fear for their safety, and that's ok—but peace is never a bad option.

Kudos to this guy for bringing peace to a violent situation.

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