Flexing in the restroom mirror at Walmart goes wrong for the young man in the video above, and it’s hilarious.

The guy literally jumps out of his skin when his manager walks in to the restroom, catching him showing off his diamond studded dog tags and Air Jordan’s for his camera phone. You can hear the manager in the background “Aye man, we on the clock. We ain’t supposed to be doing all that Facebooking, or whatever the h*ll you do. Whatever the h*ll you kids do in here. This s**t need to be stopped in here, now!” The young man quickly responds “I apologize sir, I apologize.” The manager also lets him know that “We can’t be having that here. The customer’s always right.” I don’t know what that means in relation to the young man flexing in mirror, but we take it he got the point to do some work and stop playing on the phone.

Kids will be kids.

So, the next time you can’t find any help at Walmart, or can’t get through checkout in a timely manner, take a look in the restroom, you might find an employee in the mirror “stunting for the Gram (Instagram).”

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