It’s been a minute since Mariah Carey has released any new music and thankfully for all her fans, that’s gonna end soon.  Mimi recently confirmed a new single and album will be released in the next few months.

During her appearance on NBC’s year-end, ‘New Year’s Eve celebration with Carson Daly,’ Mariah revealed she’s gonna drop a new single on Valentine’s Day and the album in the spring. In case you missed it, here's a look at Mariah performing her latest song, ‘The Art of Letting Go’.

Last year after releasing her new single Beautiful feat. Miguel, Mariah’s new album was scheduled to be released in July, but the project was delayed.  While filming the video for the hit track the 40-year-old songstress dislocated her shoulder after she tripped and fell.  She’s all good now and ready to get back to work.  Speaking of which, listen to Tha Wire below and find out who MiMi's gonna be working with.

In other news, on June 18, 2010, former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the rapper Rick Ross (real name William L. Roberts) for using his name, likeness and image.  Freeway was looking for a $10 million payday, but unfortunately for him it’s not gonna happen as the rapper Rick Ross recently won the longstanding lawsuit.

Now in a crazy turn of events, Rick Ross has filed a lawsuit against the group LMFAO, their label, and Kia Motors America for the exact thing he was being sued for……copyright infringement.  WTF???

The rapper is actually suing the group over their 2010 hit, "Party Rock Anthem," which contains the line, "everyday I'm shufflin'."  In case your unfamiliar, the L.A.-based electro-pop duo purposely flipped Rozay’s, "everyday I'm hustlin'" -- even borrowing the way he said it, with his signature gruff and all and ended up with a monster hit that sold millions of copies and merchandise including the Party Rock Clothing line with the phrase emblazoned on t-shirts.

It gets better though, because the group took some steps that may have tied Rozay's hands.  Listen to Tha Wire below and learn more.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Finally, Drake is kicking off 2014 doing big things with his new position as the Toronto Raptors’ global ambassador. To celebrate, the NBA has announced that the rapper and team will join forces for “Drake Night” on Jan. 11.  Hip Hop DX reports the event will feature limited edition T-shirts and, a special halftime set by Drizzy’s tour DJ, Future the Prince as well.

It’s unclear whether Drake himself will be in attendance just yet for his team’s home game against the Brooklyn Nets. With a night dedicated in his honor, more than likely he’ll be in the house and perform during halftime.  If that’s not enough, The Star in Toronto says the Raptors are thinking about changing their uniform colors to black and gold to match Drake’s OVO franchise color scheme.

Listen to Tha Wire now for all of today's juicy details. 

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