Marlon Wayans is the youngest member of one of the funniest families in the world. That would be the Wayans. He has also paved his own lane with various movies and roles outside of the family clan. He recently sat down with the bunch from The Breakfast Club to talk about a lawsuit over a meme and more. Check out the hilarious interview below.


Marlon Wayans Checks in with The Breakfast Club:

I have been a fan of Marlon for awhile and have the first two Scary Movies as well as Haunted House collections at my crib. He and his brother Shawn have paved the way with their television show and more things to come. There was also talk about him getting the role of Richard Pryor which was later given to Mike Epps. While this was a minor setback, you can believe that he's got bigger and better things to come in the works.