Marvin Gaye's son is not happy about the upcoming biopic about the music legend dubbed Sexual Healing.

According to TMZ, Marvin Gaye III is not backing the movie, nor is the rest of his family. The reason? Gaye's son says it's untrue, exploitative, with a ton of holes and doesn't "hold the vibe of my father."

Music mogul, Vassal Benford, is producing the film. In the past, Benford worked as an executive producer of 2014's The Jungle Book and as a composer for '90s classics like New Jack City, House Party 2 and Class Act. (He's also serving a composer for Sexual Healing.)

Sexual Healing is set to star Jesse L. Martin (The Flash, Smash, Law & Order) as Gaye himself during his later years when he lived in Europe -- after the drug abuse and fame from the hit titular track. Benford also told TMZ that there will be quite a few A-listers on the soundtrack for the film.

The film has yet to be released -- there isn't a release date available as of yet either. However, if the lawsuit goes through, it might never come to light.

If the lawsuit happens, this will be the second suit brought up by Gaye's estate. Last year, the Gaye family won against Pharrell, Robin Thicke and T.I. for their 2013 track "Blurred Lines." The song was said to have a similar feeling to Gaye's 1977 song, "Got to Give it Up."

Check out some footage from the film above.

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