Maxwell stepped into a whole pile of controversy today (Feb. 8) after the smooth crooner decided to tweet about Black History Month and things got a bit heated. The Brooklyn native posted a series of tweets that implied that he believes that Black History Month should celebrate more than just Black peoples' history.

"Including everyone in black history month is beneficial to all of us cause not all of us look a typical black..." Maxwell tweeted along with an American flag emoji and a picture of Lena Horne. The since-deleted tweet drew a wave of criticism from the singer's followers, so Maxwell doubled down.

"#blackblueredwhitebeigehistory" he added, and followed it with a response that read: "There was a president his mom was white do you recall...?"

Things got particularly heated after one tweeter mocked Maxwell's album sales.

"This is why ya last album went paper clip!" tweeted @GeauxGabby. "Because the ancestors not playing that Kumbaya bullshit! FOH! @_MAXWELL_"

Maxwell decided to slide into the DMs--for the purpose of cursing her out. In a screenshot, a direct message shows Maxwell's angry retort:

"Check the numbers bitch."

The famous loverman isn't quite so charming when he's annoyed. He even posted a more public response to @GeauxGabby that read: 'Now you know . . . this isn't opinions this is press this is fame but i love you as i love all you mentioned below..' #blackhistorymonth" along with a RT of her previous mention that she hopes he's a part of the Prince tribute at the Grammys.

This isn't Maxwell's first time stirring up controversy on Twitter, either. Last summer, he tried to lend his voice to the ongoing police violence against black people and the Dallas shootings but insisted on repeatedly using the hashtag “HumanLivesMatter.” At the time, he was met with mostly just stern criticism.

Needless to say, this time Maxwell was dragged to kingdom come by Black Twitter.

You can peep some of the reactions here, and the original Maxwell tweets are screenshots below:



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