Mayor Hunter continues his tour of districts in Lake Charles, with his Community Meetings. Every other week, Mayor Hunter plans to visit a new community. The goal is simple, to find out how he can make Lake Charles a better city EVERYONE can enjoy.

The mayor met with Oak Park residents living in District C last week, and the community came out to voice their many concerns. Crime, poor lighting on the streets, property standards not being enforced, and constant flooding in the neighborhood, were at the top of the list. Per KPLC 7 below is a look at how the meeting went and how the mayor thinks things are going thus far.

Mayor Hunter told  KPLC 7 after the meeting, "We're hearing a lot of the same things throughout the community." He continued, "Infrastructure, drainage, roads, public safety, property standards. We realize we have got to do a better job in this city."

Next up the residents of District D will get an opportunity to meet with the city's new mayor. Now is a good time to jot down your main concerns. Feel free to bring them with you, and share your thoughts on what's going on within your community. Save the date, and come out to tell Mayor Hunter, local law enforcement, and other city officials what you would like them to do to make your neighborhood a better place to live.

Don't miss the next Community Meeting with Mayor Hunter. District D will meet Thursday, August 24, beginning at 6 p.m. at Prien Lake Park, located at
3100 W Prien Lake Rd in Lake Charles. For more info about this meeting, and those to follow contact the City of Lake Charles at (337) 491-1382.

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