Mayor Nic Hunter has support from many in the city of Lake Charles. He was re-elected for a second term over this great place, which means the support was more in his favor.

While a run for a political position is not on my radar, I often admire those in positions of being able to push their city forward and create a place of not only home for residents, but also a place for others to want to visit and possibly move to. In order for this to happen, working with various entities has to be at the top of the list.

This is exactly what I feel like someone in Mayor Nic Hunter's position is inclined to do. There is no way you should be in a political position, yet decline to work with certain individuals because of party affiliation. Yesterday, President Joe Biden was in Lake Charles to speak with the Mayor and other city officials about things he would like to do for our city.

In the words of my dear mother, it seemed like all hell broke loose because of it. I remember when former President Trump visited our city on more than one occasion, and the welcome was more than favorable. Sure, there were those who disapproved of his visits here. However, the supporters seemed overwhelmingly excited about his visit.

Lake Charles has been through a lot. We have all but been forgotten after two back-to-back hurricanes as well as a bridge that has been here since father time. We need help, and reaching out to the President of the United States is a great way to get us in a pretty good position forf getting it.

After Mayor Nic Hunter's visit with President Joe Biden, he felt the need to address several critics who had personal opinions of their meeting. Check out the full statement from his personal Facebook page below.

Mayor Nic Hunter's statement- Facebook

I wholeheartedly agree with the Mayor. If we want resolutions and solved problems, we have to work with those who are in place to make this happen. The political parties have become more of a divide than ever. It shouldn't matter what your party, religion, or race is.

Coming together on common ground and doing what's best for the people should be our only concern. Do you feel like we will see some things change from the meeting between Mayor Nic Hunter and President Joe Biden?

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