MC Shan called out his longtime rival KRS-One in an eye-opening recent interview. Speaking on the Murder Master Music Show, Shan spoke angrily about the allegations against hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One's statements in the wake of those accusations, and defended his own unapologetic homophobia while revealing that he himself was molested as a youngster.

"He's really making it to a point where he should really be held accountable," Shan said in regards to Bambaataa. "Bambaataa’s legacy is tarnished. If he used [to do] that like pedophiles do, and this is not 'allegedly' because he admitted that he touched that man, and he manipulated these children."

It should be noted that Afrika Bambaataa has routinely denied the allegations made against him by three accusers and a former bodyguard.

"You used that movement to manipulate these young men and put them in a position where--and you know, as black people we don't tell a lot of things--so he manipulated these children and made them think they was gonna do something and keep that secret. That's been on [the victims] mind his whole life."

Shan then revealed that he was a victim of molestation.

"I ain’t ashamed to say it, I had a motherf---er touch me when I was young, so I hate motherf---ers like Bambaataa," he shared.

Shan then complained about being criticized for being "so against f----ts" and a "homo hater." "This is why I hate f----ts," he said. "This is why I hate 'em."

Defending his own stance, Shan then went into a little more detail about how his childhood experience shaped his fears while also downplaying the impact of the abuse.

"It ain't no big deal because it didn't affect me. A motherf---er just touched me, there wasn’t no penetration. I could put his name out there but the motherf---er is dead now," Shan said. "And it's a lot of motherf---ers that know me and who we were around--he used what he had, all the dirtbikes, all the skating and all of that stuff--to touch little boys."

"[He] made me so overprotective of my children that I would never send my kids to a babysitter."

After reiterating his contempt for gay men, and criticizing television shows like Empire, Shan then mockingly addressed KRS and his controversial responses to the claims against Bambaataa.

“Even that response was kind of insensitive. It is what it is and you said it and now you answering for it and now you got people looking at you suspect because you too much on Bam’s side. Was you one of them? Remember he was homeless back in the days! Did he give you a place for a little touchy-feel back in the days? Come on if it’s real it’s real tell on the motherf---er like everybody else did.”

Check out the full interview in the video at the top of the page.


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