McDonald's is just hitting us "adult" with all of the childhood feelings lately. We were introduced to the McDonald's  "Adult Happy Meal" a few weeks ago. Then they brought the McRib back a week or so ago. Now, they're hitting us up with every kid's favorite Halloween Trick or Treating container.

I still have my ghost Happy Meal bucket from way back when and I think I even had the witch at some point in time. I do remember the witch was lame in my circle and the ghost was THE one to have. With the weird re-introduction of the "Adult Happy Meal", we got these weird 4-eyed toys to go along with it. I really didn't mind it. It was just a really amazing feeling to escape back to my own childhood opening that toy bag before ever even touching my food. As a fat kid, I assure you that took self-control. As an adult, it did too.

Shelby Byrd
Shelby Byrd

I was really happy to see that the new version of the Halloween buckets was not really that far off from the OG designs I remember. Also, for some reason, I really remember that "wart" on the witch and I never knew that that dot was growing up. Now, it makes perfect sense. Shelby was able to find all three buckets after calling around to McDonald's within a 15-mile radius of Westlake. I am quite jealous actually. Did you get a bucket?

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