It feels like it's been forever since the peak of Meek Mill's beef with Drake, and for his part, the MMG rapper's pretty much over it. He says as much in a new interview with Ebro Darden and Laura Stylez on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, even admitting he didn't exactly handle the situation the right way. Watch the whole interview for yourself below.

“I was out of control at that point, the way I was coming at everybody,” says Meek, who dropped his Wins & Losses album today (July 21). “I offended a lot of people at that point... I think I could have approached things better, but it is what it is.”

When Ebro asks Meek if he'll ever have a conversation with Drizzy, Meek uses his experiences in the streets to contextualize his ability to move past drama.

"I've seen people that have shot at me before, we got in the club like, 'Yo you almost killed me that day, it was crazy. You shot 50 shots, you hit the car 20 times.' It wasn't always like that for a long time, but you grow up, what you wanna do? I ain't die..."

Meek goes on to say a convo with Drizzy could happen “eventually, one day," but he's not interested in having that conversation on anything but his own time, explaining that he got himself into the conflict, so he'd like to get himself out.

Elsewhere in the interview, Meek Milly explains the confrontation between his crew and Safaree Samuels at a pre-BET Awards party in Los Angeles. “I ain’t really handle him like that,” Meek says. “He got manhandled on his own time… I ain’t really got no issue with him.”

Meek doesn't appear to claim any direct responsibility for the attack on Safaree, but did note that there will always be consequences for talking reckless on the internet.

“I’m done,” Meek said. “I’m out of that situation with the girl. What I’mma do? I ain’t got no problem with him. But for everybody else, too, when you get up in that, remember, it’s a certain way. I’m from Philly. We handle things a certain type of way.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Meek explains that he used too many drugs like Percocet and says he got lost in the sauce. Check out the rest of Meek Mill's interview on Ebro in the Morning below. The bit about Safaree comes in at the 2:20 mark, while the Drizzy part arrives at 6:40.

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