Meek Mill has seen his name in headlines all over the web over the last few years for reasons both good and bad. Since his sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, claimed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 by selling 247,752 units in its first week of release in 2015, Meek's popularity has skyrocketed. His music has always been great but it's elevated over the years, with him landing hits such as "All Eyes on Me," "R.I.C.O.," "Lord Knows" and even more on the charts. Once he started dating Nicki Minaj and the two superstars went on a huge international tour around the world, playing in front of thousands of people, his name reached a whole new fan base.

But with great fame comes a huge target. The Philadelphia native has been involved in a number of beefs during his time in the spotlight, with most of the feuds still ongoing. His beef with Drake is one of the biggest rap squabbles over the last six years. They have thrown numerous diss tracks and jabs at each other and the one-time friends look like they're not burying the hatchet anytime soon.

The Flamers MC's most recent beef is with The Game. This bizarre-- and quite honestly random -- feud began because Game believed Meek snitched on him to police regarding a robbery involving Sean Kingston's jewelry. For the past two weeks, the two rappers have been trading diss songs and social media jabs. Game even threatened to fight Meek if he sees him in person.

It's been a tumultuous and strange couple of years for Meek Mill so XXL rounded up all the beefs that he was recently involved in. Check it out below.

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    Tom Szczerbowski, Getty Images
    Tom Szczerbowski, Getty Images

    The beef between Drake and Meek Mill is one of the most entertaining stories in hip-hop right now. Two of the biggest names in hip-hop right now went war when Meek’s allegation that Drake employs ghostwriters, specifically an Atlanta artist named Quentin Miller, were made publicly via the Philly native's Twitter (July 21, 2015). Miller is credited in the liner notes for If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

    Friends turned to enemies and for over a year the two artists have been at each other neck.  

    For over two hours, Meek went off and the hip-hop world were glued to his Twitter feed. Coming to Drake’s defense was Toronto Councilor Norm Kelly who tweeted that Meek was not welcome in Canada, to which the rapper took offense and told Kelly he sounded like a “thug.” The councilor later declared Drake a national hero.

    At that moment Drake didn’t publicly respond to Meek’s jabs, but his right-hand-man Noah “40” Shebib did. Meek eventually explained why he went in on Drake at a concert the next night (July 22, 2015). If you haven’t seen the complete timeline of Meek’s rant, step right here.

    Funk Flex released audio of Quentin Miller’s reference version of Drizzy’s “10 Bands.” Drizzy issued the response track titled “Charged Up” on OVO Sound Radio then hit Meek again with “Back to Back” and sent the internet upside down. Meek finally responds weeks later with “Wanna Know.” Nicki Mianj, who's currently dating Meek and is also Drake’s close friend, finally opened up about the ongoing feud in an interview. Months later Meek Mill dropped two surprise installments to his EP 4/4 and took more shots at Drake.

    During the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend in February Drake coached opposite Kevin Hart for the celebrity basketball game and before the game even started, the OVO rapper used some air time to air out his nemesis Meek Mill. After a short hiatus, Meek popped up to discuss his beef with Drake.

    “Last year and the position I was in, a lot of people was going with the wave that I was actually losing, but my life was good,” he said regarding the Internet believing he took an L to the 6 God. “The Internet is kind of uncontrollable where people go with their own ways,” he added. “It’s a world of cowards where people get behind a computer and type anything.”

    Most recently, While in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia for his Summer Sixteen tour, Drake dissed Meek in both cities. In D.C., he changed the lyrics to “Back to Back” and called Meek a “pussy.” While in Philly, Meek’s hometown, Drake once again changed the lyrics to his song to take a dig at Meek.

    “And just remember, when you watch that video over and over tonight, it’s not about your city. I love your city,” Drake said, seemingly talking to Meek. “You did that shit to your motherfuckin’ self, boy!”

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    The Game

    Mike Windle, Getty Images
    Mike Windle, Getty Images

    The Game and Meek Mill’s beef is a strange and random one. While hosting and performing in Miami last night, Game said he wanted to fight Meek.“I just wanna beat that nigga ass for a good time,” he said. “When you see me nigga, square up. It don’t gotta be about no guns, nigga. Fuck Meek Mill.”

    After dissing the MMG spitta at the nightclub, Game dropped a new diss record directed at Meek called “92 Bars.”

    The Game believes Meek ranted on him to authorities about Sean Kingston’s robbery, which occurred back in June. The singer was apparently jacked of around $300,000 worth of jewelry at a L.A. nightclub. Game and Meek were reportedly in the building that night, and it looks like Game believes Meek told police that people with the Compton MC were involved.

    Incarcerated Black Mafia Family leader Big Meech reached out to the Philly rapper to squash the situation. The two rappers continued to drag each other on social media. Game's manager Wack 100 also jumped into the social media ruckus about the snitching allegations. Meek would respond by dropping a scathing diss record, while Meek's lawyer release proof that his client didn't talk to police about Game.

    AR-AbNipsey Hussle40 Glocc and Gillie Da Kidd all jumped gave their thoughts on the beef. Most recently The Game released his response to Meek's diss record titled “Pest Control” and went off on Omelly from Dreamchasers.


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    While Meek Mill and Drake were feuding, fellow Philly native AR-Ab became involved for a brief period of time. The two rappers got into it after Drake name dropped AR-Ab in Drizzy's diss song “Back to Back.”

    While in Camden, N.J. on Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint Tour, Meek dissed AR for siding with Drake

    AR then jumped on the beat taking shots at Meek which led to Dreamchaser affiliate Omelly returning the favor. Soon after in an interview AR-Ab announced that he squashed the beef with Meek.

    “I actually talked to Meek Mills and shit,” AR-Ab said in the interview. “I knew Meek before this rap shit. The city’s small. If it was some real beef somebody may have got killed. He said what he said, I said what I said. Understand if it was real beef I wouldn’t have made no diss song. We would’ve just started shooting. But I figured, this is rap shit, man, make a diss track. When in Rome you do as the Romans, right?”

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    50 Cent & G-Unit

    Paul Zimmerman, Getty Images
    Paul Zimmerman, Getty Images

    Last August Meek Mill commented with an Instagram post on a video 50 Cent posted of him horsing around with fellow G-Unit member Tony Yayo.

    50 didn't like Meek’s words and commented on the post with a prickly response of his own. “That’s us playing, but you do be around some ni66as I will put on their head. No bullshit,” 50 wrote, more than likely in reference to Meek Mill’s association with Rick Ross, Trav, and Slowbucks, all of whom the G-Unit general has had issues with.

    Amidst Meek Mill and Drake's beef, 50 Cent took time during a performance in Sweden to voice his opinion on the war of words. “'That ‘Back to Back’ shit was fire,” Fif stated. “Nigga poked at him. Nigga started the shit. It was like you picking on someone in the schoolyard, and he picked on him, and the motherfucker [fought back].” Thus, essentially, began the beef.

    Meek didn't take 50 Cent's words lightly and went off on the hip-hop vet a few months later on a track titled “Gave Em Hope” off Meek's second installment of his 4/4 EP. 16, Meek silenced whispers that he was moving past his beef

    “I got 50 reasons say you’re taking dick/And it’s 50 reasons I should kill, nigga,” Meek boasts after rapping about how he’s “Got the richest chick, she from your hood.”

    It doesn't stop there, “You know the game, if you cosign a rat, you forever a rat/We were never with that/You tried to go ‘Money’ May with that paper, but now you in debt cause you never were that.” It didn’t take long for 50 to respond with a few words of his own and a social media war soon began, which saw Tony Yayo jumping into the fray.

    In an interesting move, Meek Mill urged 50 Cent to donate to Flint water crisis. Fif questioned Meek’s motive, noting that charitable donations are considered a tax write-off before posting another meme attacking Meek.

    Dreamchasers artist, Omelly, chimed in and called 50 Cent a rat. 50 Cent's onslaught on Meek Mill hasn't stopped. He dug up an old video of Meek Mill praising 50 Cent, got a crowd at B.B. Kings shout “Fuck Meek Mill” on multiple occasions throughout the night and fellow G-Unit member Kidd Kidd jumped to the frontline by offering a few bars directed at Meek during a New York show.


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    Joe Budden

    Brian Ach, Getty Images
    Brian Ach, Getty Images

    The beef with Joe Buddens began last year when during Budden’s “I’ll Name This Podcast Later,” the Jersey City native said that Meek’s high-profile relationship is hurting the MMG member’s street cred and making Meek Mill soft. Budden was referencing the couple’s recent performance at the BET Awards, where they performed “All Eyes On You.”

    Following the podcast, Meek and Nicki took to Twitter to call out Joe Budden. Although Budden said he plans to apologize to the pair, Meek is still feeling salty.

    During his stop on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Meek called Budden corny and a nobody.

    “Joe Buddens is corny as shit and always been corny as shit and always commenting on shit and ain’t never did shit,” he said.

    Fast forward a year later during another episode of “I’ll Name This Podcast Later,” Budden called Nicki Minaj stupid for continuing to date Meek.

    Things escalated when a tweet Joe had published said “Fuck Meek” and the Philly rapper responded. Previously rumors were circulating that Meek was preparing some bars for Budden, to which the Slaughterhouse member responded with “God is good.”

    Meek called Joe out on Instagram, “Nobody ain’t Tryna come at that Shermhead/crackhead Joebuddens this nigga got the blogs to say I’m about to diss him,” he wrote, “We running down on niggas off the internet… He ‘s infatuated with rappers lives nigga a podcaster now lol.”

    Budden responded via Twitter writing, “Don’t worry, I was done being reactionary months ago, I’ll initiate, u take your time, diss bars clearly aren’t your thing…I apologized once, now repent. Grab a pad quick nigga, it’s coming.” They began to trade jabs on social media.

    After Budden confronted two amateur paparazzi in a wild car chase Meek found another opportune time to take a jab at the "Pump It Up" MC. “Chasing opps!” Meek wrote on Instagram, “he live a wild life in real life lol.”

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    Ronald Martinez, Getty Images
    Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

    MMG Members Wale and Meek Mill hit a rough patch a few times within the last two years.

    After noticing that Wale wasn't promoting the release date for Meek's sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, on his social media accounts, the Philly voiced his problems on Twitter in 2014. “Wale just ain’t gone tweet a thing about my album…. He’s been hating on me long time now …don’t even text me cornball! #UNOTMMG,” he wrote. Meek

    Wale would playfully respond and also denied of being jealous of Meek's lifestyle and fame.


    The Sibling rivalry would become tense again in October of 2015 when during a radio interview on Power 105 and Wale said his labelmate brought “a pencil to a gun fight” between Drizzy, which was the reason for his loss.

    Meek responded by going in an extended rant on Instagram against Wale in response to his remarks, telling him to “jump off a roof” and that he's no longer MMG.

    Rick Ross stepped in and squashed the beef. Wale came back to The Breakfast Club to say reiterate that he has no beef with Meek. "At the end of the day, that’s my nigga,”

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    Angela Weiss, Getty Images
    Angela Weiss, Getty Images

    Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree were once at odds. After Safaree and the Young Money rhymer parted ways after dating for 12 years, he was definitely surprised to find out that Meek was her new boo. Plenty of subliminal disses on social media were sent from either party and Meek definitely didn't hold back with tweets like, “If you gotta hang around 45 people to come outside u ain’t real u scared."

    On “Pullin Up,” a track from Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money, he hinted that he was seeing Nicki before she and Safaree even broke up. In true hip-hop fashion, Safaree struck back with “Lifeline.” “When you was pulling up, I was pulling out/ I know real shit I ain’t gonna talk about / I seen the text messages, I seen the emails / Somebody tell me why he’s talking like a female,” he spits.

    Meek didn't let Safaree get the last word and fired back on “Wanna Know." “Let’s keep it short, nigga, you ain’t get ya chick back yet,” he raps.

    Now with Nicki on Meek's arm and Safaree over with Nikki Baby on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, looks like this beef may be dead and gone.

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    Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images
    Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

    Cassidy and Meek Mill may be from the same city, but there was no brotherly love between these two. In 2012, Cassidy took aim at the Maybach Music Group rhymer on “Me, Myself, & iPhone.” “I raised son, I was around when the clown couldn’t even get his braids done” and “I usually don’t get mad but I had enough, when he dropped that son ‘Amen’ that was blasphemous,” Cass spits.

    Meek didn't stay quite and hit back with the track,“Repo.” Diss tracks followed with Cassidy referring to him as Dru Hill on “Catch A Body.” “I ain’t broke, chill, man, I’m still worth a few mill/You remind me of Sisqo from Dru Hill/Fuck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed/And you only ride out on two wheels,” he delivers.

    In an interview with Life + Times, Meek addressed the situation. “Don’t be talking about nobody that’s dead ’cause when you see me you ain’t gonna talk like that.” According to Cassidy, the beef was never personal and in the spirit of hip-hop.

    While the two have been fairly quiet when it comes to this beef, chances are they're not on friendly territory by any means.

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    Louie V Gutta


    Former Dreamchasers artist Louie V Gutta found himself on the outs with Meek Mill in a beef after tweeting, “What goes around comes around…karma,” in the aftermath of Slowbucks’ infamous chain snatching at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert in 2014.

    Since there was no name mentioned in the tweet, seems like Meek took it to be aimed at Slowbucks and fired back with his own tweet. “Slow got the chain back u got took chill bro u drawing!” In 2013, Louie V Gutta and an associate were robbed of their jewelry at gunpoint, which is what Meek was referring to. The two began a war of words on social media and continued to threaten one another.

    During an incident in Meek and his former protege have been at odds since. One incident involved a rumored pistol whipping, but video confirmed that Louie V wasn’t the victim. During Meek Mill’s beef with Drake, Louie V claimed to have written a number of songs for Meek, including tracks Dreams and Nightmares. Looks like these two won't be recording together anytime soon.

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    Beanie Sigel


    Meek Mill's strangest beef is without a doubt with Beanie Sigel. It all started when Beans appeared on Meek’s diss song directed at The Game. From there, Game threw some shade at Beanie on a diss track, and shortly afterwards, Beanie and Game squashed whatever feud they had with each other through a phone call. From there, one of Meek Mill’s friends jumped the State Property rapper before he was set to take the stage at the Bad Boy Reunion tour two weeks ago. Afterwards, Beans called out Meek’s alleged antics during an appearance on the Tax Season podcast. And now, Beans has dropped two Meek Mill diss songs.


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