It looks like Meek Mill is about to jump head first into the world of criminal justice reform and his good friend Michael Rubin, the co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, will be right there with him.

Speaking with Bleacher Report for their Power 50 List—which is the publication's way of identifying the most influential figures in sports—Rubin let loose plans for himself and Meek Mill to launch a foundation designed to improve what they believe is a severely flawed justice system.

Rubin says that it was Meek's controversial two-year jail jail sentence—which came as a result of a violation of a probation he received nearly a decade prior—that spurred his decision to help fix the justice system. Rubin frequently visited Meek while he was behind bars.

"Over the last six months, I've probably spent about a third of my time on criminal justice reform, because the whole system is totally broken," Rubin told the folks at B/R.  "And I've never had something I cared about like this outside of my work, my family, my friends—I haven't had that reaction in my body like I did the day he was sentenced."

With Meek's ordeal in mind, Rubin is now prepared to take action. "So we're taking on the whole criminal justice system now, and we're gonna be announcing a major foundation soon," he explained. "I'm going to be highly involved with it, Meek's going to be highly involved with it, and some other big people who you know and follow and care about will also be very involved with it. We think we can launch what will be the most impactful foundation within criminal justice reform and create a movement."

The movement Rubin says he and Meek hope to create is one that, at least at a base level, already existed. Meek's legal issues served up a mega-watt spotlight onto the matter, increasing the public interest in the phenomenon of African-Americans getting unjust treatment from law enforcement.

Through a combination of public support, the spotlighting of corruption in Philadelphia's police department and a Supreme Court hearing, Meek Mill was freed from jail on April 24.

Interestingly, Meek was also profiled for Bleacher Report's Power 50 list. For his part, he spoke a bit on how his situation played a role in getting Rubin into criminal justice reform. "For him, he's like, 'How did my friend just get a four-year sentence for not committing a crime?' Meek said of Rubin. "For him, it's like, 'I've never seen no shit like this, and it doesn't sit well with me.'"

Check out Bleacher Report's story to see what Meek had to say about the issue.

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