The Grammy Awards ended just a few days ago, but the drama that went down at the after-parties are still trickling in. Apparently, Meek Mill destroyed Justin Bieber's mansion while throwing a party at the residence, which caused the police to be called.

TMZ reports that it all started when the Maybach Music Group signee leased the house from Biebs for one week. The pop singer recently moved out so the place is in between owners. A fight reportedly broke out between rival gang members who were in attendance. As a result, ice sculptures were thrown and used as weapons. When the melee was done, the expensive house was trashed and soon the authorities showed up.

French Montana, Nicki Minaj, Khloe Kardashian, Chris Brown and Justin himself were at the party, but everyone had to leave around 1:30AM when cops shut it down.

No arrests were made, but it took three hours to clear 1,000 people out of the fancy schmancy neighborhood that Bieber lived in. It's safe to assume the neighbors weren't too happy about the ruckus.

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