We are continuing to watch the tropics and the Gulf of Mexico as a tropical depression makes it's way closer to the gulf.

Meteorologists throughout the country seem to agree that a hurricane will be in the gulf by the weekend and if you live along the gulf coast, you should be preparing.

Where will the hurricane make landfall seems to be the big question while still days out, but models seem to agree that landfall will be somewhere along the Louisiana coast.

Carolinas Prepare As Hurricane Florence Approaches As Category 4 Storm
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Let me note here, that could change in the days ahead as we have seen storms in the past "wobble" while over the warm waters of the gulf.

Another subject of conversation by many along the gulf coast is evacuations. If a storm is to make landfall along the Louisiana coast, and we'll have a better idea of that by late Friday, some are now asking where they should evacuate to.

Meteorologist Zack Fradella addressed that very important question with a simple photo on his Facebook page.

Cities like Shreveport, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Atlanta, Montgomery, and even Panama City Beach would be ideal cities to go to. You don't want to relocate to an area witing the red lines.

A reminder for those of you with pets, don't leave them behind, but make sure where you are relocating to is "pet friendly".

Again, this suggestion is for all along the coast, pending this storm doesn't move further east or west in the days ahead.

All in all, plan ahead and continue to check back here for all of the latest.

FB via Zack Fradella
FB via Zack Fradella

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