Michael Eric Dyson is the guy who you would want in the room with you when it comes to speaking on subjects that matter. It has also been brought up that while President Elect Donald Trump is meeting with Black Celebrities, why not meet with Michael Eric Dyson. He is not given the credit that he deserves, but is truly one of the most intelligent men in the world when it comes speaking on African Americans, Education and worldly issues that we all face.

He recently caught up with The Breakfast Club to talk about what is going on with the upcoming inauguration and his take on the Trump meeting with Black Celebrities like Steve Harvey, Kanye West and others. Michael is also a New York Times best selling author and an all around good guy. Check out his conversation with The Breakfast Club below.


Michael Eric Dyson Talks To The Breakfast Club:

If you want to get a little more info on Michael Eric Dyson, make sure you check the link below and also do a little more research and get familiar with some of his titles including odes to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Tupac and Bill Cosby.



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