The Milwaukee Bucks will take on the Toronto Raptors, aka Drake’s favorite basketball team, in Game 1 of the 2019 NBA Eastern Conference Finals tonight (May 15).

To avoid the dreaded Drizzy curse, Milwaukee-based radio station 103.7 KISS-FM has officially banned the rapper's songs from their playlists until the Bucks-Raptors series end.

"He's representing the Raptors. We got to take it home with the Bucks," iHeartRadioregional programming manager Steve Powers said in a Facebook video Tuesday (May 14).

The radio station insists that it's nothing personal against Drizzy—a noted Raptors fan who was previously the team's ambassador—but that curse, a fictional theory that postulates that Drizzy jinxes sports teams he roots for, is too dangerous to play with.

The curse has allegedly affected the outcomes of games for several sports teams or athletes in the past. For example, his beloved University of Kentucky basketball team didn't win the national championship in 2012 after he gave them a pep talk. After Drake endorsed MMA fighter Conor McGregor, the Irish boxer lost a fight against legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Last month, Drake poked fun at himself about being a jinx to sports teams during a talk with the media. After the Raptors beat the Orlando Magic 115-96 during Game 5 of the NBA's 2019 Eastern Conference quarterfinals, Drizzy told sports journalist Josh Lewenberg. "You want me to talk about the curse or you guys good?"

Watch reps for the radio station explain why they are temporarily banning Drake for yourself in the video below.

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