Amber Alerts were sent in New York and surrounding areas for the disappearance of 16 year old Karol Sanchez who had been abducted by four men on Monday night while walking with her mother. There were passionate pleas to bring the young lady back to her family and safe as even celebrities were speaking out about it.

There have been several occurrences over the past few months of young ladies getting kidnapped which is one of the main reasons this story really took to home with many in the community and around the world. What really made the story even more sad was the way that it had been done.

She was abducted by four men who apparently knocked her mom to the ground and then took her into their car and left. We found out last night that the entire deal was a hoax concocted by her because she was rebelling against her mom because she didn’t want to go back to Honduras which is where she was originally from. I was truly upset when I saw this as this is not something to be take lightly. This young lady didn’t want to follow the directions of her mother and caused a frenzy that could have been a sad reality for her mother and family. As of right now there are no charges pending, but I honestly feel like she needs some type of consequences because of her actions.

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