On Saturday, Governor John Bel Edwards held a special press conference to address the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases in Southwest Louisiana. Obviously, he was so disappointed in the discovery that he has finally enforced a mandate for wearing mask when patronizing businesses.

Undoubtedly, the reactions were not truly favorable of the decision. There were complaints of freedoms being compromised and people being sheep for following government orders. While I am not surprised by the reactions, I was surprised to see President Trump actually wearing on on Friday. Is this going to be a new start for things? Probably not, if you see what people are saying about wearing them.



At the end of the day, we have been dealing with this pandemic for far too long. Many of us need to get over ourselves and stop being selfish. This is not just about politics or taking away anyone's freedom. This is a real situation that is taking lives daily. I have lost people close to me and have had other families catch the coronavirus and, thankfully, get over it. This is where businesses need to look out for the concern of their patrons and their staff. The quicker we all follow the guidelines, I feel like we can slowly recover and get back on track. That's just my two cents and nobody asked me, but something has to be done and doing it the way it has been is not making sense or stopping the spread.

Come on everyone, let's do better.

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