Morgan Freeman has got one of those voices that stands out. I think I do a pretty good impersonation of Morgan myself. He is preparing to star in a new movie called "London has Fallen".  This is a follow up to the 2013 movie "Olympus Has Fallen".  While the movie did well at the box office, we didn't know that their would be a follow up. But with an allstar cast that includes Gerard Butler, Charlotte Riley and Morgan Freeman.


Now comes some exciting news that one of the most recognized voices in the entertainment industry is now about to help you navigate to your next destination with the help of the Google's free traffic navigation app. While he voice is very pleasant unless he's angry like Joe Clark in "Lean on Me" or running the country.


Morgan Free Navigation:


I  will probably be using this thing up as I have been a fan of Morgan Freeman for years and just like when we had the Snoop Dogg GPS. This is going to be pretty awesome. While this is of course a promotion tool for the upcoming movie. We just need to enjoy it hope that maybe we can get a voice with Kanye West soon.

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