After Hurricane Laura, we all learned how much we rely on internet connectivity. As the weeks went on and places began to open, we realized that we rely on the internet for everything under the sun. We needed it for credit cards, communication, telephones, and more. The issue during that time was that since the telephone poles had taken a hit, we had to wait for Suddenlink to get in line and begin working behind the power company. Mix that with an already stressed cable network and still paying a cable bill, we began to see things get a little heated. Larger companies in the area began to stand up against the largest internet provider in the Lake Area and demanded answers. As the weeks went on, Suddenlink sent in more crews to get their customers re-connected in our area. Some subscribers felt that it was too little too late.

Today, Mayor Nic Hunter announced that there is a new player in the game of connectivity. Vexus Fiber is throwing its hat in the ring to be an additional network provider for Lake Charles, Sulphur, and Westlake. The network will be for both residential and commercial properties. Vexus is already a provider in parts of Texas and Louisiana already, but they will be providing a new network to provide access to over 40,000 customers. The network, according to Hunter, will not only provide internet services but also telecommunication services as well in the area.

Facebook Lake Charles City Hall
Facebook Lake Charles City Hall

The expansion into the Lake Area is set to begin at the beginning of next year, with some availability ready by the spring of next year. The entire project is expected to have a completion date within 36 months of its start and should provide 75 new construction jobs with an additional 40 permanent jobs.

If you are interested in Vexus Fiber for your home or business, you can go to their website and put your address in. This tool will show the company where higher demand is and let you know when it will become available in your area once construction begins. It will also ask you a few questions about your current provider and what you are looking for from a provider. In the end, it will ask you to run a speed test for your internet connection. After that is all complete, you will be greeted with a landing page about how your information has been submitted and that Vexus will contact you when their service will be available at your address.

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