Roxanne Shante ran the nineties and really came from a place of being a battle emcee. She rolled with the Juice Crew along with MC Shan, Biz Markie and DJ Marley Marl. I recently read where she discussed dealing with racism and having to really fight to create the path that is going to be addressed in the upcoming movie.

We got word that Netflix would be dropping a bio pic "Roxanne Roxanne" based on here life this month. It's dropping on Friday March 23rd, which I might add is a week before my birthday on the 30th. As a hip hop fan we have followed her career and the music that she made, but we really didn't know a lot about her career and how she got started. Well the trailer gives a small look into the life of Roxanne Shante.


Roxanne Roxanne Movie Trailer:

Peep out some classic videos from back in the day with Roxanne Shante when she was running it on the club and the radio. It's great that she is finally getting the acknowledgement that she deserves and I can't wait to check out the clip when it drops later this month.


Roxanne Shante- "Live On Stage":



Roxanne Shante- "Roxanne's Revenge":

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