On Tuesday, May 25th, it had been a year since the murder of George Floyd in front of the Cups Food store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I still have not watched the full video, as it was painful enough to see the clip of this man on the ground calling for his deceased mother. There can be no greater pain than knowing in your heart that you are about to die and you can't do anything about it.

My wife and I wanted to visit the site where there is a beautiful tribute and memorial for this man. As soon as we pulled up to the location, I could just feel something different shifting in my body. I believe my wife felt the exact same thing.

While in the actual quarters, there was a group congregating around a man who was speaking, and it felt peaceful and quiet. Once we got up close to the actual location where George was killed, it felt surreal. Although I wasn't there at the time, it felt like I was right there in that moment, yelling for them to get up of of him and possibly inserting myself into the situation. There was a group of young adults who were there reciting poetry and raps on how they felt about the suppression of the Black community. It was great to actually see them have a voice and speak from the heart.

I was told the area is not welcoming of the police community, and they are all but barred from being there, but what I noticed was the unity of various races together for one cause: to promote the fact that some things need to change and to speak on the unfair treatment this man had to endure.

As we walked around, we saw so many sites and murals dedicated to so many others who lost their lives to police brutality and racism. When I tell you this trip was deep, there is nothing you can do but take it all in and be thankful for life. This is something everyone should visit, regardless of creed, age, or personal beliefs. This should be an educational moment for many people who need to know this man. They need to know how he died and, we still need answers as to why he had to die.

A man who was not originally from there has brought together people from all walks of life, and is now remembered by people all over the world. George Floyd did not have to die that day. However, his memory will last forever and maybe one day while I am still alive, I will witness this change.

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