I remember watching Leaders of the New School back in the nineties, and there was one member of the group who really stood out. That artist's name was Busta Rhymes. I knew the first time that I saw him that he was going to be a star, and believe it or not, he has.

One thing I have talked about over the years is the connection of Hip Hop and health, as many of our celebrities live lifestyles a doctor wouldn't gush about. You have people who have folks who will give them whatever they want, and a diet plan is not on that list.

Well, Busta Rhymes realized that if he didn't get his mind right, he wouldn't be here for his kids. He decided to get on the plan and really work at dropping weight, and impressive is an understatement. Check out his transformation below, courtesy of Men's Health.

He has inspired me to really get my self right, as well. I have started cutting back on my meals and have also included a workout regimen that has been working. Since January, I have lost almost 20 pounds, and I am not stopping.

Busta also dropped one of the best albums of the year and has received accolades because of the content and songs. Check out his latest video for Czar, featuring M.O.P and newcomer CJ.

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