Last week, I took a well deserved break from it all. We work like crazy doing so much for others that we forget about ourselves. However, this vacation wasn't going to be the traditional drive we've done all year. This is the first time I would be boarding a plane in over a year.

The destination was Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I will be telling you about my tours, fun, and more later this week, but let me talk about the flight first. We drove to Houston for a 5:30pm flight that was right on time. One thing I noticed was the COVID regulations are truly in place. This brought comfort for myself and my wife. This was her first flight in about three years. There was not one person in the terminal or on the flight who didn't have a mask on, and that reassured my confidence in flying. Once on the flight, we were still asked to wear our masks during the two-and-a-half hour flight, with the exceptions of eating snacks or drinking water provided by Delta. We decided to pass on this until we feel a little more comfortable.

There were also times I could periodically smell a burst of disinfectant spray on the flight. I can't confirm, but it appeared to be coming through the vents of the airplane. Unfortunately, everyone appears to be flying again and at first, it seemed like we were going to be three to a row. This made me a little uncomfortable until the flight attendant said we could move to a few vacant seats that were a few rows in front of us. This truly eased my nerves and my wife's, as well. She was pretty close to an anxiety attack if we wouldn't have been able to change seats. We arrived in Minneapolis about thirty minutes early and continued to follow protocol until we got to our car.

The world is going to open up regardless, and while we should be prepared for what is inevitable, we can still do things in a way that will make us feel comfortable. I will be making more trips to come, and I will continue to use common sense over being a follower. We had a great time while on vacation, and I have so much to share with you all about our first time experience there.

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