Although I have been here for over 14 years. The place where I was born and started my radio career is Meridan, Mississippi. We are the home of actress Sela Ward, former Kansas City Chiefs Dexter McCleon and now the home of our very first Sink hole. According to local television station WTOK, it all happened on yesterday at recently opened IHOP location on North Frontage Road.

Check out some news coverage from Shreveport television station KSLA and get some of the latest details. While this is truly a shock to, there are still questions on what caused the sink hole.

While IHOP is one of my choices when it comes to breakfast, I am sure that this is not what they want to be remembered for on a grand opening. The great thing is that no one was hurt, although I am sure there are plenty of policies being cashed in on the vehicles that went down during the incident.