I remember the weekend was the fourth of July. It was July 1, and while my wife and I were headed to New Orleans as we had done several years prior. But this time just felt a little different. All of a sudden while listening to the radio, the announcer came on and said Luther Vandross had just passed. I just sat there quietly for a moment, then looked at my wife.

We had just seen him at The Essence Music Festival the year before after countless times of seeing him in concert. It didn't matter because every show was an event. Luther had the voice we all remember, and when I tell you he had a catalogue of songs for years, there was nobody else who could do it like him.

Today, we celebrate the birth of a musical icon. He would have been 70 years old. I have so many memories of seeing Luther in concert and regardless of whether I've seen the show a hundred times, it is still like the first time.

I remember one year when I was in Alabama. We had a contest where winners would get a pair of tickets to see him in concert and be taken to dinner with a limousine ride to and from the show. The lady who won was able to bring whoever she wanted, and she chose the restaurant of her choice. Of all places, she picked Krystal burgers. Here we were dressed up for a concert in a stretched out limousine in the Krystal drive-thru.

There is nobody like Luther, and hearing his music is truly the icing on the cake after a rough day. Happy Birthday, Mr. Luther Vandross, as your star continues to shine.

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