Lake Charles and most of the SWLA area will be rebuilding well into next year due to the widespread destruction caused by Hurricane Laura. The devastation left by this storm is so horrific, it's hard for people living in other cities and states to understand what we are going through. For example, I had to explain five or six times to student services with DeVry Chicago that I couldn't participate in class because we had no lights or WiFi.

For some reason, they just didn't get it. They kept calling and I kept having to explain we didn't even have electricity. Plus, the phone service was/is so bad, it took several attempts to hold a conversation without the call dropping due to connection issues. Hurricane Laura was by far the strongest storm to hit SWLA in more than a hundred years. I know I'm not alone when I say I hope to never have to live through another of its magnitude in my lifetime

Below are a few images from my neighborhood, including surrounding homes and businesses.

The Impact of Hurricane Laura on Lake Charles

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