One of my mentors told me years ago that having a good name can take you places you're not physically able to get to. I have taken that advice and applied it to my life.

Over the weekend, I met music entrepreneur, Christy Be. She is from Forth Worth and has a serious love of music, preferably Southern Soul. There are several artists in that genre of music, including Cupid, Roi Anthony, Tucka, and more.

She makes her rounds to various concerts and really helps artists get more exposure by her being present at their events. Last year, I didn't know her but decided to reach out to her and build a connection since we had a mutual love of music and the art. Long story short, she came to town on Sunday and we met at Meek's Lounge, and I introduced her to the owner and DJ for the event.

Erik Tee
Erik Tee

Before we started talking, she mentioned that she had a photoshoot in Shreveport with a photographer. She mentioned she was coming to meet me and he mentioned my name. I knew the gentlemen because we dealt together in business ventures years ago. If we had any issues or a falling out, I am sure he would have warned her about dealing with me. Props to Christy Be and her For The Love of Southern Soul blog. Keep doing what you're doing, friend.

I say that to say relationships are important. Always be a person of your word and show the same respect for others as you would like. You may feel like it's not that simple, but it has worked for me.

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