The year was 1989, and MC Hammer was coming to Meridian to perform at the theater in my hometown. This was right after the first MC Hammer album was just released, with hits like Let's Get It Started, Pump It Up and Turn This Mutha Out. The city was excited, as we were about to have a major act for a concert.

There was also a local group who used the name One Cause, One Effect. It featured Treasure Shields and Terrance Davis. They were a hometown favorite and would go around to different schools to perform their song, Up With Hope, Down With Dope. This was truly geared toward the youth in the community and created a name for the group. The reason why I mentioned that is because when MC Hammer came to Meridian, this group performed for him and when he left, he left with Hammer and the rest is history.

One of my favorite songs from MC Hammer is Let's Get It Started. The song is fun and the dances in the video are what really got me sold on the song, so my Throwback Thursday video of the day is Let's Get it Started.

Check it out below.

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