One of my favorite pass times besides listening to music and talking on the radio is going to the gym. I get the opportunity to start off my morning with a refreshing and revigorating feeling and often it leads to a very progressive day at work. I also like to see some of the people in the gym and I generally notice a lot about some of their routines. I also get to witness some of their bad habits as well. With that being said I have decided to compile a list of 5 things that I feel are just proper etiquette when going to the gym.

5.) Try not to hog the equipment if there are not more than one. Obviously, most gyms have plenty of treadmills and bicycles. But when it comes to certain machines there are not as many available and if you're on your phone scrolling through social media or looking for the perfect spot for your selfie. You could be stopping someone who is there on a mission and needs to stay motivated.

4.) Don't offer unwanted assistance: This is mainly for people who tend to over-extend the information that is not asked for. Most of the time if someone is on the bench press they are familiar with how much they can do. If it seems a little heavier than it should, you can usually tell with one rep. If you are trying to tell them what they should be doing, or getting in the way of what they are doing. That could produce a problem, which leads us to the next one on the list.

3.) Don't go to the gym to talk and disturb someone's routine: There is nothing more bothersome than having my game plan of what the day is supposed to look like and going to the gym with a plan of action. As soon as I get my rhythm someone comes along and wants to talk. Most of the time, they are not even dressed for working out and generally are just going from station to station talking to anyone who listeners. Most people have a schedule and restraints on how much time they have in the gym. If you are talking to them for 10 minutes about your grandkids or troublesome relationship, you have possibly messed up their entire day.

2.) No Harassing or overly stalking in the gym: I know that young ladies get this all of the time. They are working out and along comes some guy with flirtatious lines or stare from across the room. Sure there are plenty of people in the gym, but for many women out there, this is a place for them to unwind from the day or get their day started. The last thing they need is to feel uncomfortable in their skin because you have this immediate attraction to someone you really don't know. It's not welcomed in most cases and shouldn't be forced upon anyone who is minding their business and taking the time to work out.

1.) This may differ with various people, but I have seen too many people not do this after working out in the gym, and that is wiping down the equipment after they use it Sure you have sweated all over the treadmill or the weight bench and it took everything out of you to get off and move to the next station. How about you take just a few more steps to the sanitation station, grab the spray and paper towel, and thoroughly clean the machine. The funny thing about this is that I was doing this before the pandemic was a thing. I have always looked at it as the right thing to do. The last thing we need to be passing around are germs and I'm sorry but I also don't want to get right behind you on some sweaty equipment. Yes, the next person can wipe down the equipment themselves, but does it really hurt to take the initiative and just do it.

I know there are more things than this that could be a bother at the gym. Let me know what you think should be on the list.


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