Mystikal is one of those artists who is not only a rapper, but also an entertainer. If James Brown would have been a rapper, he would be Mystikal. I have seen him in concert several times and every time we link up, it's all love. This Sunday, you will get the chance to find out more about Mystikal, as he will be featured on Unsung on TV One.

I remember when Mystikal first linked up with No Limit, and I had his latest album Ghetto FabolousThere was a song called I Smell Smoke that wasn't necessarily a song for radio, but I wanted it to be. They were pushing some of the other songs from the album and that one wasn't their focus. I decided to get into the production room and do my own edited version of the single, then I started getting calls from other radio stations and DJs wanting it for themselves, but I wasn't doing that.

Make sure you check out Unsung this Sunday night at 8:00pm for a new episode. We have all heard the drama that has been going on in his life. However, it is great to see the comeback that he has from dropping new music with Rich Gang and Mark Ronson. I am excited about it, and I am looking forward to checking it out this Sunday night.

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