We would like to congratulate Nathan Keller, the new Lake Charles City Marshall. Last night Keller pulled off the win in the runoff election, beating Jerod Abshire by 63% of the vote. This would be the second time Keller ran for City Marshall in the last two years. Back in 2018, the 30-yr law enforcement vet ran against the current Marshal Vic Salvador. The two met in a run-off election, where Salvador emerged the winner.

Keller didn't give up and ran again. This year on November 3, he managed to get 43% of the vote over his opponent's 20%, but it wasn't enough to clinch a win outright. The two candidates were forced into a runoff set for December 5 and alas the voters have decided. Last night Nathan Keller finally got his win and became the first African American City Marshall in Lake Charles.

The new City Marshall was elected by gaining 6,488 votes over Abshire's 3,877. Congratulations to Nathan Keller on his historic win. For more election results click, here.

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