We live in a volatile world, and people are more stressed out than ever and suffering from PTSD. Life can be difficult, and we all need an outlet to express our frustrations. Is your job overwhelming, or do you have a jerk for a boss? Are the kids driving you nuts, or are you dealing with the anxiety of getting them to school or practice on time every day?

What if there was a place for you to go and release all that pinned-up frustration? Somewhere where they will give you a bat or a hammer, put you in a room, and let you go to town breaking everything in sight? You're in luck because such a place exists!

Break The Psycle at 1619 Sampson Street, Suite B in Westlake, is officially open! It's the perfect place to let go of some anger or blow off steam. They offer some serious "smash therapy," allowing you to vent a little rage by destroying various objects in a room. It may sound crazy, but it's just what the doctor ordered!

Whatever you're going through, get some temporary relief with some good ol' smash therapy. Book online or message/call (337) 688-6500 to book your rage room today!

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