I heard about this new artist Lizzo. I had never heard her before, but once I put a listen to the music. I knew that she was in her own class and would be around for awhile. She is originally from Houston, Texas and has spent several years in Minneapolis working with Prince and creating groups of her own.

The first thing I heard from her was a song called "Juice" and it's full of energy and is a straight up banger that is totally different from anything you may have heard before. However she has a cult following and with the release of her latest album making moves on the charts. I think it is safe to say that she was heavily influenced from the royal badness Prince, but she has her own style as well. Peep out a couple of her videos.


Lizzo- "Juice":


Lizzo- "Cuz I Love You":

I am telling you if you do not have her latest album "Cause I Love You", you are truly missing out on a gem. I can't wait to meet this young lady in person and tell her how much I respect what she is doing for the culture and the human race as a whole.

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