Could New Orleans be the new home for the Southeastern Conference Baseball tournament? If the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation has its way, it will. The city has placed a bid offer to the Southeastern Conference in hopes of luring the post season tournament for nationally ranked schools like LSU, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi State from the hustle and bustle of Hoover Alabama to a city that knows how to host its guest.

Let's face it, if you were going to go to a baseball game would you rather spend the day watching the hot dogs spin at a convenience store in ho hum Hoover? Or, would you rather hit the Big Easy before and after your team plays? Advantage goes to New Orleans on this one.

Jay Cicero is President of the GNSF and he says there are plenty of reasons why New Orleans would be a logical choice for the SEC.

The city is a destination city. Here we have the hotel availability, we’ve got over 20,000 hotel rooms. We’ve got new ownership of the Zephyr’s, the cooperation from the Zephyr’s is at an all-time high.

You've probably guessed the tournament would be hosted at Zephyr Field the home of the New Orleans Triple-A baseball team.

Cicero explained to the Louisiana Radio Network why after 18 years in Hoover Alabama a suburb of the greater middle of nowhere, a move to New Orleans would really increase the SEC post season tournament on the national sports landscape.

The experience here locally, great facility, and we want to apply special touches that we do with Final Fours and Super Bowls for enhancements and VIP services.

Nobody throws a party like New Orleans. Nobody loves sports like Louisiana. I see this as a natural fit. The SEC is expected to announce which city will be hosting its post season tournament after this year's tournament concludes in late May.