The things that people are using for recreational leisure these days are truly a bit more potent then marijuana choices and dare I say those who have chosen the route of the powdery white substance that has imprisoned plenty in the African American community.

But these days things have taken a far left. Who knew that people would actually be inhaling embalming fluid. That's correct the very thing that Funeral Homes use for the deceased is now something used to generate this limitless high.

Well recently the city controllers in New Orleans got a little bit more then they could chew with this guy here. I have no idea what he was in his body. But I do know that is not something you would expect to see outside a club on Bourbon street.

I think its safe to say once this guy came off of whatever he was using he had some serious explaining to do about what the hell happened to him.I would advise away from any form of drugs that would have you with an outer body experience. And of course something that is going to have you breaking the law in any form. We are losing to many of our hip hop stars and family in general. Be careful out there and look out for your loved ones.

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