Nick Cannon recalls his past beef with Eminem, in an interview with T.I. on his new podcast, "ExpediTIously with Tip T.I. Harris".

Back in 2009, Eminem took shots at Mariah Carey on Bagpipes from Baghdad, with Mariah then firing back with Obsessed. At the time, Mariah was newly married to Nick Cannon, who took issue with Em dissing his wife. Once Shady responded back with another diss, The Warning, which was released while Nick and Mariah were on a flight back from Africa. Her then-husband was fed up with the disrespect and had some words for Eminem.

Nick admits, he knew he wouldn't be able to out rap Em, but added: "I will whoop yo ass". Thankfully, they are all past the beef now, and he still acknowledges the Detroit rapper as one of his top five mc's of all-time.

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