The Source reports the FBI dropped their investigation into all the drugs discovered on Juice WRLD's private jet the day he died. According to the feds they're dropping the case and allowing the Chicago PD to finish out the investigation. The main reason is they can't link the drugs to anyone and that means no one can be charged with a crime. Therefore, they don't have a narcotics case.

As the young rap star was being rushed to a nearby hospital, the FAA/FBI search conducted a search of his private jet. In addition to at least six suitcases of marijuana, the Feds discovered an empty bottle of codeine and guns on the aircraft. Chris Long and Henry Dean, were linked to the weapons and arrested. The two men Meanwhile, the two men arrested and booked for handgun possession. Since then AllHipHop reports both men have been released and will face not further charges.

Meanwhile, Chicago authorities are running a forensics test on the packages containing the marijuana in an effort to uncover DNA, or fingerprints. Police confirmed with TMZ that no one claimed ownership of the suitcases and there were no luggage tags to identify the owner. So, their only recourse is to run labs on the bags in hopes of getting an ID using that tactic. However, it's a long shot and that's why the FAA/FBI have backed out of the case.

Mourning the loss of his friend rap superstar, Young Thug, took to his Instagram page and share an image of the late rappers funeral program shared by TMZ.

Juice WRLD, whose real name was Jarad Anthony Higginswas laid to rest in a private open-casket funeral at Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ in Harvey, Illinois, Friday December 13, 2019. Juice died less than a week after his 21st birthday and the pain of his loss was left in the words by his mother in his program. Camela Wallace dedicated a tribute her son and wrote:

“My dear son Jarad, God trusted me to raise you and I poured all I had into you as the Lord guided me. We were inseparable and even though you left home early, we were always in each other’s hearts and always had a special bond."

In other news, it appears rap superstar Future is the father of TWO MORE CHILDREN!! As previously reported the Atlanta rapper was accused by two different women of fathering their children earlier this year. Paternity results prove he be the daddy a of babygirl and babyboy born this year. The rapper's legal team is reportedly trying to negotiate out of court settlements on two paternity and child support cases.

It's a little late, but Future would like to keep details of his sex life quiet and prevent further embarrassment of more baby-mama drama. In an attempt to make the women drop the lawsuits, his legal team is hoping lump sum child support payments will get the ladies to sign confidentiality agreements.

Eliza Reign sued Future in August and Cindy Parker filed her paternity suit in October. So far the rap star's lawyers have managed to keep the cases from going to trial, but time may be running out as the women's patience wear thin. In the meantime, Future is rumored to be dating Steve Harvey's stepdaughter Lori Harvey. Hopefully Lori is protecting herself, because clearing brotha Hendrix is not. You would think Future would get himself fixed at this point. As of this year, he is the father of 7 children.

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