To combat all the mixed messaging and fear mongering over the COVID-19 vaccine being safe, some of America's former leaders are stepping up. With the pending release of two vaccines, the race is on to distribute the life saving medicine throughout the country. However, in spite of virus cases reaching their highest number since March and all the thousands of lives it's claimed, there's growing concern people will not take it.

Outside of folks lying and deliberately casting doubt on all things science, the African American community has reason to be especially leery about new and widespread vaccines. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment has most African Americans gun-shy when there's ever talk about vaccines to this day. It's unfortunate because minorities are historically the most vulnerable. The good news is more positive messaging is emerging about the safety standards and the necessary protocols are being made public in an effort for more transparency.

Today, we need all the positive news we can get. That's why former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush have banned together to help ease fears about the COVID-19 vaccine. To eradicate the deadly virus, people need to be vaccinated to stop it from spreading from person to person. The former POTUS trio announced they will not only take the vaccine, but they will also allow their getting the anti-COVID shot to be broadcast. I hope it helps convince people and, more importantly, leadss to an end to the pandemic that's taken so many lives.

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